Hi my name is Shondrica Polk and I am a student currently attending Tuskegee University as a Nursing major. Well my story I never grew up Dr.Pepper until one day I went to the soda machine to purchase a coke but instead I recieved a Dr. Pepper, not wanting to waiste my money I decided to keep Dr. Pepper to quench my thirst. Dr. Pepper did more then quench my thirst it became my emergency "Dr.P please help me stay up and study for my up coming tests and that it did. My Goals are to, 1) Gradurate from Tuskegee University with my B.A in nursing. 2)Work at Lakeland Regionals Hospital in Florida, where I was born as a Pediatric Nurse. 3)Open up a mentoring program for the youth in my community and 4) go back to school for my Doctors degree to open up my own Pediatric Nursing Clinic. With the spirit of Tuekegee university who I love so much and symbolize family as soon as I stepped on campus, I hope to continue my education there.But with tuition going up eash semester and my mom being a single parent raising my little sister, my can not afford my education at Tuskegee University. BUt with the help of the Dr.Pepper scholarship I hope to continue my education at Tuekegee Univeristy and finish my goals at the finish line. Thank You