The Honda Insight 2000 I purchased started up albeit reluctantly on the morning of the test drive at 30 below Celsius after sitting in the elements unplugged for two weeks prior in Bragg Creek. It faced similar cold up in Edmonton, Alberta Canada where this picture was taken on the front street. It happened to be one of the coldest days of the year in February in Bragg Creek Alberta Canada and this test satisfied one requirement for it's new home in Edmonton where it is seen here where such weather is more typical in winter. The good results in starting is due in part to the 0W-20 oil prescribed for the super efficient engine as well as the Type 51 550ca/450cca 12V battery in this car. The one litre gas/electric hybrid is extremely economical yet very much fun to drive even in slippery conditions with it's sometimes tricky oversteering handling characteristics. Mileage on the highway heading home up north over several hundred kilometers registered 3.5L/100km. Not bad for a rookie, but the strong wind that day may have helped. That's great in the cold with winter tires! This year here there has been a lot of snow at it's new home, and the first generation Insight seems to handle winter conditions OK. edit: The next winter after a bobbled key start, the 12V battery kicked in during -20C cold for the first time. The threshold for 12V starter is somewhere above -10C degrees temperature of the battery cells as a protective device when the NiMA cells are cold. The batteries warm with use. Cold is not so bad on the batteries as is heat, however power utilization is limited until the battery heats with use.