I didn't think this was a feature of my car until I tried backing up at idle in reverse for which I didn't have a lot of occasion at the time . I attributed the juddering to the lack of IMA balancing of low rpm with the three cylinder engine but a look at the mount discussed in the InsightCentral forum proved otherwise. The torsion mount is hard to see from the top, lifting the car up and looking from beneath would give a better view. This partially occluded image of the rear mount was taken from a sideways perspective holding the camera deep into the engine bay to reveal some damage. It is highlighted in red via a photoediting program, [using edge detection and wavelet sharpen filters to pick out cracks]. The rear mounts function is to stabilize the engine's forwardbackwards rocking motion and it's failure is the likely cause of the broken ground wire strap seen in the previous picture. The rear mount, shown top right is a notorious item for failure in the Honda Insight's rockin' little three cylinder engine. It's failure can be accelerated by a greater portion of city traffic use [stop-go], hard acceleration off the line, and/or oil contamination that may rot the rubber. New part at the dealership costs $154, used via the ebay can be $50usd from a specialty Insight wrecker. The auto part jobbers locallly did not have a listing for this item. EDIT: In reverse gear at idle with a brand new mount there is still some judderiness but that experienced in forward is virtually eliminated in first gear starting off. I had modified the stock mount to make it stiffer by filling the gaps with piece of serpentine belt as seen further on in this series, but returned it to stock as it was just too much vibration to put up with in a daily driver. More images follow of the lower rear mount towards the end of the album.