Hockey Gear for Kids Over half a million youth play hockey in the United States each year. Hockey is a game that involves more equipment. It is also a game in which the players often collide with each other to move a puck into the goal. The equipment simultaneously serves as a protective gear to the player. This is the primary reason why parents should invest in quality hockey gear for kids. But before you buy the first set of equipment, take time to familiarize the needed equipment to find out for yourself that outfitting your young player for hockey won't necessarily break your bank. Here's what you should consider for the protecting the head, body parts waist up, down below and of course, for all other hockey essentials. Helmet with cage, Mouth guard and Neck guard Protecting the head should be top priority for players. Wearing a helmet with face guard is compulsory to prevent eye and face injuries, cuts and shocks. Make sure to buy a headgear that fits snugly with a seal of recognition by proper authorities. The helmets used for hockey are usually made of tough polycarbon shell. The mouth and neck guard are also necessary to protect these areas from concussion. Shoulder pads, Chest protector, Elbow pads, Gloves and Jerseys Shoulder, elbow pads and chest protector help minimize the impact of collision, while the padded gloves protect the hands. Jerseys are great practice shirts for travel teams. Make sure your gear from the waist up fits comfortably to allow youngsters freedom of movement. Hockey pants, Leg guard, Foot guard, Knee and Shin pads, Hockey socks and long underwear for under hockey gear Hockey pants should fit snugly to keep your protective pads in place. Hockey socks are useful for team travel. Long underwear should fit properly for better protection down below. Learn more helpful tips... Visit us at