Ok this is not for people who want nice vamps in their reading material, the only time these vamps glow is after a heavy petting session and any guy that just watches a girl sleep without getting into bed with her are known by words that translate as gay. But if you want sarcastic and cynical then this is a book for you forget about it being normal or even decent for male vampire to have sex with human girls, sex with your food.....yuck!!!! ok so human males may have sex with a ham sandwich but do we want to listen to them brag about it ! Being a vampire teen is not easy and how can you look cool when you have to hang from a ceiling by your foot claws and everyone can see your undies (a present from your Aunt) which have cute little pink bats on them !!! Amy Mah (Vampire) may look a nice cute girl but wait until she jumps out on you on a dark moonlight night, she is a full blood born vampire and not some human turnling vampire they show in Hollywood movies ...the difference ? well a turnling vampire may bite you on your neck where as this cute girl will rip the head off and just use the neck as a straw see her at www.fangsrule.com