The name God has forsaken us with: I am cursed to drink blood to survive or as you normal people would say: I'm a vampire. The last time I remember, I was 16 years old: But I have been alive for over 1,201 years. My gift from Father: I can control the elements. I can mix and mesh the elements that are around me and manipulate them at will. The element that I best control is fire. My curse from Father: I have an uncontrollable need or rather thirst for blood. It at first starts out as a headache and then when I can't control it no longer I go out of control. Though I cannot see my own self, you have the eyes to see: This pic. The clock has stopped.. : I was a quiet girl throughout my childhood and my teen years. I would always do what the orphanage instructor told me to do and got to do as I pleased in return. I was abandoned as a newborn baby in an alley and was taken to the local orphanage by the person who found me. I have no idea who my real mother and father are and don't have any intention to find out. I went a real long time sitting in the orphanage hoping some nice couple would want to adopt me. When I had finally given up hope, a mysterious man came into the orphanage and adopted me. I was thankful to this man and put on a smile as he took me home. But I soon realized that the man that I began to call Father would never have any intention of loving me. He gave me and the other children infinite life and a life full of pain and blood. Am I a daughter or Son of Adam and Eve you ask? :I am and always will be a Daughter of Eve