Ask a Lawyer. Palm Bay, Florida. I was injured in a wreck and don't have insurance. How can I pay my medical expenses? 321-723-1997 Hi. I'm attorney Scott Wright. You've been involved in an automobile accident or a fall down or a slip and fall case or some other circumstance where you've hurt yourself, and you've suffered injury. You don't have group health insurance, and you're wondering how you're gonna have your medical expenses paid. There's a couple things we can do. First, if you're involved in an automobile accident, you'll have a form of coverage on your auto policy called personal injury protection benefits and perhaps an optional form of coverage called medical payments coverage. Both of those are available to pay your medical expenses. If it's not an automobile accident or you no longer have any PIP or medical benefits payments available to you, the next thing we would do is speak to the physicians that you've established a relationship with and see if they'd be willing to accept what's called a letter of protection, which is essentially a commitment from you and from my office, to pay the doctor from the proceeds of settling your case when your case settles. We've had fairly good success over the years convincing physicians to help in that regard. That's part of the service we provide. If you'd like to discuss the specifics of your case, feel free to give me a call. I'm available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. You can reach me at 723-1997. I look forward to speaking with you.