Brooke Shields in Calvin Klein jeans "You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins... nothing?" purred 15-year-old Brooke Shields in possibly the most sexually provocative advert ever. Back in tame 1981, this was comparable to that Britney-in-bunches dressed as a schoolgirl moment. An underage child-star (who had already caused controversy appearing nude in soft porn movie, Pretty Baby aged 12), going 'commando-style', talking like a cheap slut and looking like a page from a fashion magazine - no wonder it caused an outcry. Followed by a worldwide craze for 'designer denim' (ie, same old jeans but with Calvin Klein's name on the back pocket). Stunning six-foot Brooke also happened to be one of the world's top models. She trousered half a million for posing in tight jeans and saying things like, "Momma said he's only interested in my Calvins" and "I've got seven Calvins in my closet, and if they could talk, I'd be ruined." It created a recurring theme (ie, sex sells) for this brand, which went on to become the most commercially successful designer label for three decades.