Sôzô and Sanosuke led the charge to find Ayumi and Sayuri, and when Sayuri surfaced, worried for Ayumi's safety... Sôzô and Sanosuke were furious. But Sanosuke needed to get his headstrong daughter out (by force) She was starting to have conflicting feelings about Shishio, begging her family not to kill him. But Sôzô was facing off with him, and he wasn't about to let Shishio walk away. :::"Who do you think you are boy?" Shishio laughed, not thinking the intruder a threat. "My name is Sôzô Sagara, brother of the two girls you kidnapped. I'm here for revenge. I'm here to stop you." Shishio threw his head back in laughter. "You?" He gasped threw his laughter. "You think you can kill me boy!?" "No... I will Kill you." Sozo replied, drawing his sword. His voice didn't falter, he had come there to kill Shishio, and he would or die trying. Something his father, grandfather, and friend's father had all done. Been his death already, but not even the fact that he knew he had been dead caused him to back down. He was there for his big sister's who Shishio had wronged, for his little sisters who had cried every night their sisters' were gone. For his mother who cried and searched, for his father who never quit looking. For all who had been wronged by Shishio and his followers before, now Sôzô stood before Shishio to make sure he was gone for good.