... ... ... Clear, logical, organised. But they aren't. They're more similar than people think. No, they're not, Pierrot. Must I remind you to calI me Ferdinand? But one can't say: ''My friend, Ferdinand.'' Yes, you can. Just try it, Marianne. I'll try. I'll do anything you want. So will I, Marianne. I'm putting my hand on your knee. Me too, Marianne. I'm kissing you everywhere. Me too, Marianne. We'lI see. Marianne Renoir. Come on, wake up! - I was right. - About what? You didn't believe me when I said we'd always love each other. I've never said I'd love you forever. Oh, my love. You never promised to adore me at all. We've never exchanged such vows. Though we know each other so well. We'd never have believed we'd forever be slaves to love. As we're both so fickle. And yet, without having to say a word, little by little. Feelings slipped between our bodies, which so loved to merge. And then words of love fell from our naked lips, little by little. Many words of love mingled with our kisses. I never would have believed I would always love you. My love. We never thought we could live together without tiring of each other. Or that we'd wake up every morning so happy to be in the same bed. Or wish for no more than the simple joy of being so comfortable together. And yet, without either of us saying much, little by little. Our feelings have bound us together forever. Feelings which were stronger than any known or unknown words of love. Feelings which were more passionate than either of us could have anticipated. Don't ever promise to adore me forever. Let us not exchange such promises, given the way we both are. Let us pretend that our love is a love without a future. We'lI know by the time we're dead if we carried on loving each other. I know that I love you. It's you I'm not so sure about. - I'm not sure. - I do love you, Marianne. I do. Well, we'll see.