This song was the theme of the 1969 novel-based movie "Nicholas and Alexander" (book being 1968 best seller I think). I have a faint recollection that I overheard it over radio in Ipil dorm sometime in January 1970 - June 1973. There is something about the feeling of "desert" isolation, the clear, clean and silent night air of Tucson, bringing this song from a constant Tucson or a Pima county radio station directly to your dorm room (with my new Panasonic radio casette player, which my Mom later owned until her last years) in the late weekday evening of Fall 1973 (when folks studied but my room mate was out) that made the song finally "arrived" and as recognizable as its singer, yet nameless to me until 2008, when through the hindsight of Internet, it was read as "Nicky and Alex Theme". This song and "Clair" were the two memorable songs that I attach to the radio which I gave to my mother.