May 20 United Methodist Building (the only NON-government building on Capitol Hill) “It is designed in Italian Renaissance style and constructed of Indiana limestone with a craftsmanship that would be difficult to duplicate today. In addition to its architectural beauty, the building is significant for the role it has played at turning-points in the nation's history. These include the 1963 March on Washington led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; the 1968 Poor People's March, the farmworkers' boycott; years of protest against the Vietnam War; ERA marches, the 1978 Longest Walk of Native Americans; and the 1989 Housing NOW! March. It's adjacent apartment complex, constructed in 1931, has been home to scores of congressional representatives' Methodist bishops and Supreme Court Justices men and women in leadership roles who have shaped the fabric of American society. The Building's beautiful Simpson Memorial Chapel, named for a close personal friend of President Abraham Lincoln, has served as a place of sanctuary and prayer for those who live and work within the shadow of the Capitol. Within these walls, leaders from both parties and all religious persuasions have found the strength and courage to act on their convictions.”