Demonic personality quiz(girls only. With anime pics. Now with lengthy results on all!) WWW.QUIZILLA.COM Heres your result....... You are a rabbit demon You are fast and competitive. You are cute and lovable. You can get along with practically everyone. Being the most athletic is tough, but you handle it like the strong girl you are. A little competition is nice for you...too bad they aren't going to win. Rabbit demons are the speed demons of the world. They can even outrun dog demons. They are kind and friendly to most creatures, like bunnies, squirrels, and hawks. They are smart, but not the smartest thing out there. They always have whats necessary with them and they are always there to lend a helping hand. Rabbit demons are recognized by their large, floppy ears, and they occasionally have a small fluffy tail. They are particular to wearing revealing dresses or other clothing items. They also have a sack with them that carries treasures, necessities, and provisions. They can wear anything no matter what season or condition. They usually wear colors that match the season or the color of the flowers in bloom. They have hair that matches what season they were born in, white for winter, purple, yellow, or green for spring, pink to red for summer, and orange, brown, or darker purple for autumn. Rabbit demons usually attack with a weapon of some sort, as they have no weapons like claw or fangs already. Not much is known about them because they usually don't fight. In fact, they're not really that common considering that they are an older species of demon. Their attacks are usually light or solar based. There were never or never will be any rabbit demons on Inuyasha. I just randomly made it up. I was originally going to use a horse or wolf, but the idea never really came through. If I had chosen those I could use the following examples. There have been two horse demons. One was Entei the fire horse and the other is the half-demon Jineji. Koga and his and Ayame's clans are the only two shown wolf demons . Miscellaneous information........ Color: Yellow Eye color: Orange Hair color: Gold Stone: Alexandrite Symbol: The design on top of your staff Element: Light Quote: The sun rises every morning to remind us that every day is precious. Anime picture: A back view of you looking back with one of your ears twitched up. Job choice: With your organization you could run a business. Please rate and review. This is my first quiz and I hope you had fun taking this super long quiz!