Barbarella was a stray cat, at least two years old, from what people say. I made friends with her a month ago when temperatures suddenly turned bitter cold. She was soon sleeping quietly on my bed at night. She washes herself carefully, but I knew she needed some help: a bath After her bath, she is now snow white. Also, her nose is healed and clean. ~~ When I started to wash her and ran a bar of soap down her back I got a streak of white fur on a beige-tan body. She is much whiter than appears in this picture, more like my white pillow case. But pure white is hard to photography, especially digitally. ~~ With odd color eye white cats, they are sometimes partially deaf, at least on the blue eye side. This appeared to be the case when I brought her in off the street. However, now, after a month of good food and plenty of rest, her hearing appears to be close to normal. When a workman on the roof of a building made a sudden noise, she looked up in his direction. That's a big change. ~~ She loves to go for walks around campus, in the bits of woods, bushes and lawns. Yes, she is a beautiful cat, and photos can't do her justice. If Jane Fonda were a cat, she would look like Barbarella (I'm not sure Jane Fonda would be Snow White, if she were a Disney animation star). She is very intelligent, very wise, and very well behaved. And just a bit spoiled and proud. (I told her I had put her picture on the Internet for the whole world to see, and now she expects to be fed bacon-wrapped scallops and peeled shrimp dipped in melted butter. At least that's cheaper than that pouch cat food in China.)