Leading cleaning machine hire company Clean Sweep help out with a sketch for Comic Relief for UK television. Comic Strip and Young Ones star Adrian Edmondson features. http://www.cleansweephire.co.uk/ Being a leading cleaning machine hire company Clean Sweep UK was asked by the team at Comic Relief if they could use a machine to help with the filming a sketch for television. Clean Sweep UK team member Rich was operating the Nilfisk RS 501 a compact machine which is powerful enough to most outdoor cleaning operations. The comedy sketch included Comic Relief regular Adrian Edmundson being filmed by a BBC film crew walking down a street in London explaining the finer points of life and the need for a little comedy. This meant reading out poetry whilst occasionally putting a custard pie in someone's face. Clean Sweep UK's big moment came when Adrian was discussing his love for animals before accidentally dropping couple of rabbits only for them to be swept away by the Nilfisk RS 501. Don't worry no rabbits were hurt in the making of this film. The stunt rabbits were just cuddly toys! The most surprising thing for the crew was that at the scene filming the Nilfisk RS 501 was done in one take in each shot due to working perfectly every time. Remember to look out for Clean Sweep UK on Comic Relief night.