We are touched by Angels... They will guard and guide us,through the days ahead... In times of sorrow ,as in the days of joy... They bring us hope and comfort,nothing can destroy... In the hours of darknesss,when our dreams have flown... They bring us peace and healing,we are not alone... Through times of doubting,still they understand... We are touched by Angels,walking hand in hand Communicating with the angels, God's Messengers, brings messages filled with wisdom of how to heal and release our limiting physical world beliefs, how to release that which no longer serves us, how to release worry and fear and how to allow ourselves to receive the abundance that God has for us. Their messages teach us how to embrace that which is good, how to see and accept opportunities, how to share the profound love God has for us with everyone we touch - how to live abundantly in gratitude and celebration - in trust... Messages may include career changes, geographic moves, relationships, how to improve our lives in a variety of ways. Angels are LOVE. Angels are support. Angels are experts in all areas of life.They can heal us,as well as teach us, what will make us happier, healthier and bring us closer to DIVINE.