Drying blossoms together with silica gel is uncomplicated as well as saves the coloring and beauty from the flower arrangements by getting rid of the moisture within the flowers. Flowers dried with silica gel can be used as holiday decorations together with other items. Silica Gel removes moisture from flowers without crushing them. This is certainly effective for very delicate flowers for example hydrangea, roses, carnations and asters. You simply need an airtight box (ideally plastic) and silica gel. Place a layer of silica gel on the bottom of the container. Place your flowers on the top of the bottom layer and lightly sprinkle the silica gel around the flowers until they're covered. Using a spoon works well with this to fill the gel in the crevasses without crushing the blooms. Firmly cover up the flowers and simply wait 48 hours. There you have it! Silica gel works extremely fast as well as the flowers hold their color. The best thing about silica gel is it can be recycled. Simply place silica gel onto a baking sheet inside your oven at 200 levels to dry.