2008 Brimmel/Capitol Records Seldom has an album had as much to live up to as THAT LUCKY OLD SUN. When Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks wrote the iconic song suite SMILE some four decades earlier, they created the definitive art-pop statement, inspiring countless imitators for years to come. It's a gutsy move for Wilson to create a new album-length suite in 2008 in collaboration with Parks and bandmate Scott Bennett, a work that will unavoidably be compared to the unmatchable SMILE. LUCKY OLD SUN isn't SMILE's sequel; rather, it's an extended meditation on the pop myth Wilson and the other Beach Boys created in the '60s--L.A. as eternal summer-land, a surf-sand-and-hot-rod-heaven. Naturally, the music references the Beach Boys' classics, teeming with rich, close vocal harmonies, lilting, piano-driven song structures, and sunny, sophisticated melodic lines that will send a chill up the spine of anyone who's ever absorbed the sunshine-pop majesty of PET SOUNDS. Sure, Wilson's voice is a bit worn with age, but there's no attempt to duplicate the epic sweep of SMILE. THAT LUCKY OLD SUN succeeds on its own terms. "That Lucky Old Sun" "Morning Beat" "A Room With a View" (narrative) "Good Kind of Love" "Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl" "Venice Beach" (narrative) "Live Let Live / That Lucky Old Sun (reprise)" "Mexican Girl" "Cinco de Mayo" (narrative) "California Role / That Lucky Old Sun (reprise)" "Between Pictures" (narrative) "Oxygen to the Brain" "Can't Wait Too Long" "Midnight’s Another Day" "That Lucky Old Sun (Reprise)" "Going Home" "Southern California"