Hi, My name is Christine. Im making this video to find my way, to Dizzy Mizz Lizzy’s concerts in Copenhagen. I’d like to talk a little bit about our history together, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. We met in 1994, you loved me a little and through mother nature’s recipe, this came out (DML CD). I named it Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.. Then again two years later in 1996, we met again at about 11:07 PM… I could see 67 seas in your eyes, as we walked by the waterline. You played the riff sang for me, in all it’s glory, and inside of me there was a hidden war. I wanted to run, it was a take it or leave it sitation. But I didn’t run… And here it is… (ROTATOR CD) I named this one Rotator… Now it’s like I have two of you! Then you disappeared, took a break, I thought I wouldn’t see you before the river runs dry. But again in 2002, I got the best of you, you know I like surprises. And now you are back again, and you said we could meet… three times… but I didn’t meet you. It’s a thorn in my pride. I said I would show you what the word Hygge means… And so did I… you just showed me what the word Udsolgt means. For god’s sake, I just can’t find you? Where are you barbedwired baby? You were the back-bone beat of my life… you burned like a silver flame, but just too close to stab. Anyway, I guess that’s just the rise and fall of a relationship. Love is loser’s game. I’m wishing you well. If you’re out there, and hear this… Please let me get to see you again! Anytime!!! All jokes aside, if anyone has any tickets for the DML concerts in Copenhagen please contact me at facebook.com/christine.monberg