Sarasota Surgical Arts 941.923.1736 for a free consultation 4143 Clark Road, Sarasota, Florida 34233 It happens that I -- I wanted my hair, first I wanted my hairdresser to make my face round and give me this puffy hair. And she's just saying, you know, I can't do miracles (laughter) and so I wanted -- I had had surgery about 15 years ago on my neck -- a lift, and it wasn't -- it did not turn out very well. It was a little lopsided and it really didn't do what I had expected. And I did go for a second mini-surgery to kind of even everything out and that didn't work well. So I lived with that for 15 years and everything started falling and getting wrinkle and crepe paper look and resulted with this long face that I wanted to round out. And I went to dentists to see if the -- if it was my teeth that were sunk in and making my face -- and I had lost some weight, so everything looked drawn. And then that's when I saw doctor Sessa's T.V. program. T.V. interview. And wanted to -- it was in the back of my mind to do something eventually. I was just afraid. And I came to doctor Sessa's seminar and I was not afraid anymore. It just -- he made me feel so comfortable. And I -- this surgery came out perfect, I think.