Sarasota Surgical Arts 941.923.1736 for a free consultation 4143 Clark Road, Sarasota, Florida 34233 I exercise on a regular basis and I could take care of myself from the neck down, but from the neck up, I knew that I needed the expertise of Doctor Sessa. So again, coming here, having the private consult with him-- my husband came along, and we both agreed this was the doctor and I booked it and two weeks later, I had the procedure. The procedure lasted, just like he said, about 90 minutes. I had twilight sleep. Came home; followed his instructions to the "T", which is ice, ice, ice. Had a little bit of a pain killer the first two days. After that, didn't need it. I guess I was lucky, I had very slight bruising. And I was back at work exactly nine days after the procedure. It was wonderful. And that's my Cinderella story. I couldn't be happier. I was 62 and I knew this was the time for me to do the face lift before the effects got worse and worse and would be a little bit more drastic of a change. I wanted people to see me looking refreshed, having comments like, you're looking younger, did you change your hair? But no one actually saying, oh, did you have a face lift? And it's exactly that happened when I went back to work. Everything was saying, oh, new hairdo; I love your eye make up. Boy, that vacation was the best thing for you. You look so rested. And I had to chuckle, you know, behind me because I knew, of course, what had been done. And so I called Doctor Sessa immediately because I was so thrilled not only with the way I looked, but the responses from people. And that was it.