Pairing: HG/DM As we begin Harry and Ron have taken the Poly juice potion and go to spy on Draco as Crabbe and Goyle. As they are doing so,Draco confesses his feelings for Hermione and refutes Voldemort and All Death Eaters. Harry and Ron are shocked as they get out of there with the potion wearing off and they are on their way back to the Commonroom when they see a puddle of water. This part was to make you laugh) (Harry and Ron walk in and Moaning Myrtle confesses her love for Harry when Harry just tells her they are not meant to be.) Later on Harry is telling Dumbledore about Draco and Lucius Malfoy walks in. He knows Draco doesn't want to be a Deatheater thanks to Pansy Parkinson. He leaves but finds Draco and attempts to curse him but Dobby comes and so does Harry and they blast Lucius. Afterwards, Hermione and Draco talk and they get together. The rest is a surprise but i hope Dramione fans will like it! I am new to making videos with clips so please comment and tell me what you think good or bad!! This Video and ALot of my videos are on Youtube