Hello. I'm Emily Ann Carson. [Emily, Em, Emmy, Em-bitch] Call me whatever you like. :] Well anyways, I suggest going to the store and buying balloons on April Fool's Day would be a good idea. That's my birthday. :] Some things you should know about me? Well, my favorite color is pink. :D I like to shop and I love clothes. and cleaning. ;] [no acually, not really] hah. Music? Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift, the best of the best. lol. I say lol a lot. Get used to it. My best friends? Kimberly Marie Ricker and Itzel Diaz. I roll with the best.They are the frosting to my cookie. We've been through the pretty and the ugly, the good and the bad, but it all just made us stronger. Mess with them, you mess with me. I love to have fun. I can be crazy at times. Well mabye almost all the time. :] I go to 7-eleven almost evrry day. Really. Like everyday. I like my dog. He got hit by a car. And I wasn't home. Kimmy and Nina were here. Well more about that later. Haha. Idk. I'm prettyy weird too. Just thought you should know that. Lol. What else about me. Oh I know. I like Subway. I go there all the time. 114 Los Altos is my second house. I want texting. But my mom is gay and won't let me have it. So don't try texting me. :[ I'm thirteen and a half. Eight grade. Middle school. Ugghhhh. Middle school is gay. Too much drama. Oh well, almost out of it. Haha. Single, not really looking. But if your cute, well we should talk. Haha. I love boys. :] I take a lot of pictures too. Myspaace, man. But yeah, I love to look back on memories. I have a lot of crazy times with my friends. Wow. We've been though everything. I live for fun. Life would be nothing without fun. I love to sing and dance. But I'm not to great at either. Lol. Addicted to junk food. Yes, very. Remember, I said I go to 7-Eleven every day? haha. I walk to Wal-mart alot to. Me and my sister, Amanda. She's like my best friend. Want to make me happy? Leave me a comment, or message, I like to talk to people. But I think I'm done. I'll probably add more later though. :] Love, Emily.