From: Dark in the night. Bullet’s whistling all over the steppe, Only wind’s humming up in the wires, Only stars dimly twinkle. Dark in the night, You, my darling, not sleep in your bed, And, when quietly cradling the crib, Wipe away secret tears. Love for your eyes! Their depth gently touches my heart. What I desire, Just to kiss them again so lightly. This very night, Separated us greatly, my Love! And this frightening black winter steppe has lain down between us. Still I believe, Trusting you, dear spouse of mine. In these dark nights, only this faith, Kept me safe from a bullet. Feeling of joy, Makes me calm in the deadliest battle, Knowing, you always meet me with love, No matter what happened. No fear of death, I have met it, not once in the steppe, It is spinning above me in air, Now and then, or elsewhere. Waiting for me, You are awake, staying by baby’s bed, And I know, forever and now, No wrong to me will happen. From: