I once checked out the anime Green-Green, and I sort of wish I hadn't. The reason for that is because of these three lugs; Tadatomo Ijuuin, Hikaru Ichiban-Boshi, and Taizo Tenjin. I REALLY don't like these guys. A plot of the anime is that their school has been without girls for a long time and suddenly decides to go co-ed. While other guys are understandably excited, these three are LOSERS! They make no attempt to hide the fact they see the girls only as sex objects and are oblivious to how repulsively they behave towards women, making them pretty much the closest thing to antagonists, if they can even be called that, in the entire series for how many times they try to see the girls naked, touch them or even sneak into the girls' dorm at night. While Taizo (the big guy) I will credit for at least TRYING to be less perverted around the girl he likes and Hikaru is subtle and less perverted of the trio, Tadatomo is hormonally delusional to depraved levels. You could cut these guys out of the entire series, and the story wouldn't be effected in the least.