Admittedly, I did not think much of the original X-Men series. In fact I doubt I remember a whole lot of the episodes or seasons. But Kids' WB! once aired an updated version where most of the X-Men were...well, not "ordinary", but high school kids just trying to blend in with regular humans. A few of the first seasons were the students of Charles Xavier fighting the delinquents recruited by Mystique called The Brotherhood Boys, Sabertooth who was Wolverine's mortal enemy, and of course Magneto. When mutants were exposed to the world, however, the title characters then had to endure the irrational bigotry of ordinary humans. I think the characters I love most from this series were Nightcrawler, but ESPECIALLY Toad, since Toad pretty much acted like one almost the entire time. Then there's Quicksilver, who was voiced by Richard Cox of Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha fame. The stories in the series are good, and while the animation is a hit-and-miss with me, this is a great series to reacquaint yourself with for nostalgic reasons.