Like Kazenshini, the Espada Nnoitra Gilga has a frighteningly powerful bloodlust. Nnoitra's idea of a fulfilling end to his life would be to die on his own two feet while drowning on his own blood. Because fighting is his way of life, he continually strives to be stronger. He also seems to suffer from an inferiority complex in that he believes he is the best among the Espada and demands that they agree with him. Nnoitra believes he is superior or equal to opponents far stronger than himself and can easily overwhelm them and becomes enraged when proven otherwise. Also, when his foes refuse to kill him, he takes this as a personal blow to his pride. Seeing as he's a sociopath with a love for violence and bloodshed, his desire to be acknowledged by those he is fighting is a bomb waiting to go off. Although his previous form before becoming an Espada is never shown, if his released form shown here is anything to go by, he may have been a six-armed Hollow.