Perhaps the most memorable character from the Disney film Fantasia, Chernabog is a gigantic demon who appeared in the last segment of the movie. This monster is likened to the Devil himself, even referred to by Walt Disney as Satan. In his segment Chernabog awakens after nightfall and summons demons, bad spirits, witches, harpies and the souls of sinners to him so that they might revel in the very notion of evil. Chernabog changed several demons into fire women and ugly animals before casting them into a raging fire to their deaths, all with a darkly pleased expression. Evil spirits, demons and harpies fly about in a frenzy and it seems Chernabog is prepared to commit more atrocities upon them, but is forced back into the mountain along with his evil henchmen when the bells of a local church begin to ring as the sun rises. Chernabog and his segment "Night on Bald Mountain" is famous for being controversial in comparison to other projects done by Disney, delving into dark taboos of cruelty and nudity.