Check out this video: "My Adam Lambert Experience :) by AmberKaulitzTH" from ADAM LAMBERT's 39th Glam Nation Tour Concert in Tempe Arizona at The Marquee Theatre Sunday night, August 1, 2010. Contains photos and video, including most of "If I Had You." "For those of my friends who are asking-- as well as you curious people of YoutubeLand--This is the story of my amazing day i got up close and personal with one of my favorite, and most insanely talented people on this planet. ;) It was such an incredible feeling being so close to him to see into his eyes as he sang his heart out, it's indescribable by words and all i could do was cry. Now no matter where in the world you are, you can feel like you're right in the front with us. This concert was filmed entirely by me (Amber) on Aug. 1st on his GlamNation tour 2010 when he visited Tempe, AZ at the Marquee theater. "I hope you enjoy his red hot smexy performance as much as i did! Make sure to watch to the very end for exclusive song content! :D **Oh, and i would appreciate it if you didn't steal my pictures or anything please--i didn't add watermarks just because i wanted you to enjoy them as they were, just dont let me down.** No Copyright Infringement intended-- Beginning song: Adam Lambert- Whataya Want from Me" Uploaded to Photobucket because the YOuTube version is blocked in Germany.