MTV Video: What If Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert,Lady Gaga, Were President For A Day? Oh, Election 2012. You have not been a snorefest, that's fo' sho! Last week was Super Tuesday and the G.O.P. candidates continue to battle it out to run for prez. Two sisters have been singing the praises of Rick Santorum and we here at Act HQ have wondered, Who has said more cray things? Kanye or Newt?! Politics aside -- well maybe not so aside -- we have made a fun video for y'all. We asked Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato and other celebs this super important question: What would you do if you were president for a day? LGBT advocate Gaga said she would make marriage equal but she also gave us an environmentally-friendly answer -- seriously, no "Poker Face" was on (I had to!). Adam Lambert's answer involves no guns!?! And the loveable, huggable Demi had the cutest response ever. Does she ever do anything wrong? Check out the video from these stars as well as actress Annalynne McCord and the band fun. (who you can also vote for in the Breaking Woodie category at the 2012 mtvU Woodie Awards!) Source (Watch it on MTV if you can): Please visit ADAM LAMBERT's store to pre-order Adam's album 'Trespassing" & get an instant download of his first single from the album, 'Better Than I Know Myself!' Let's help give Adam MASSIVE sales!!! No copyright infringement intended. This video was uploaded to share the love of Adam Lambert with his fans. Join us at the ADAM LAMBERT FAN CLUB on Facebook, where we always share in REAL TIME the latest @adamlambert news, videos, & photos: For more Adam Lambert videos preserved on our Photobucket accounts, visit: (vintage) & (most recent). We've also preserved many radio interviews here: