The Insider Exclusive Video on the set of Majors & Minors: @AdamLambert Talks New Music, His Fans: On the Record with Adam Lambert! BY: Jarett Wieselman (@JarettSays) Filmed AUG 11, Posted SEPT 22, 2011. Since emerging victorious from American Idol's eighth season (let's face it, both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert were winners), the For Your Entertainment singer has done nothing but provide us with just that, pure unadulterated entertainment. From his performances to his music to his fashion, Adam Lambert is one of the most exciting male artists to emerge on the scene in years. Now, with his sophomore CD due out early next year, he sat down with to talk about all things Adam while filming a guest spot on The Hub's new reality competition series, Majors & Minors! In part one of my interview series with the Grammy-nominated artist, we discuss the latest on his 2012 release, what his approach to the album is and why he's reluctant to talk too much about it. Read more here: Thanks to @Trina134 for the Download! Source (original video & article: No copyright infringement intended. This video was uploaded to share the love of Adam Lambert with his fans. Join us at the ADAM LAMBERT FAN CLUB on Facebook, where we always share in REAL TIME the latest @adamlambert news, videos, & photos: For more Adam Lambert videos preserved on our Photobucket accounts, visit: (vintage) & (most recent).