VH1 Video: Head To Toe: Adam Lambert Doesn’t Compromise Style On A Busy Day! The FAB LIFE: “I put together this outfit because I thought, ‘OK, I want to be comfortable, I’m doing a lot of work today, going to a lot of different media things. I’m traveling around in a van,” Adam Lambert explained to us when he stopped by the VH1 offices recently. As he gets ready for the release of his sophomore album, Tresspassing, the star has become much more practical, style-wise, as compared to his glam-rock post-Idol days. But that doesn’t mean he’s not thinking about fashion. Scroll down to see the details of his media-day look (which, for any regular guy, would be just fine for a night on the town), and we’ll tell you what he’s wearing..... Read more at the source and see the photos: http://www.thefablife.com/2012-02-22/head-to-toe-adam-lambert-doesnt-compromise-style-on-a-busy-day/ No copyright infringement intended. This video was uploaded to share the love of Adam Lambert with his fans. Join us at the ADAM LAMBERT FAN CLUB on Facebook, where we always share in REAL TIME the latest @adamlambert news, videos, & photos: http://www.facebook.com/AdamLambertFanClub For more Adam Lambert videos preserved on our Photobucket accounts, visit: http://t.co/0P2Afzs (vintage) & http://t.co/GVqCsCU (most recent). We've also preserved many radio interviews here: http://soundcloud.com/galechester