New Behind The Scenes Video by ET Online: Behind the Scenes: Adam Lambert Goes 'Glampire' on 'Pretty Little Liars'!Uploaded to Photobucket for the Scorned! Adam Lambert cakes on makeup, puts in fangs, and wraps himself in a cape as a musical guest on the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars. The self-professed "glampire" will share a scene with Lucy Hale's character Aria. He tells ET, "I don't suck blood her or anything. I'm friendly. I'm Adam Lambert dressed as a vampire. I'm not an actual vampire." Without letting the tightly-kept secret plotline slip, Lucy, dressed as Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby, reveals the episode "reminds [her] of the game Clue." She says, "Last Halloween episode, it was a pretty big deal, but they are pulling out all the stops for this one. They're building things and we took over a whole new stage because usually we have two stages, but this is a new stage and they're building a train because the party takes place on a train and things start to happen on this train." Havoc will break loose on the rails when Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday, October 23 on ABC Family. For one key character, this is a one-way trip. Someone won't make it out alive. Source: Please visit ADAM LAMBERT's store to order Adam's album 'Trespassing!" Let's help give Adam MASSIVE sales!!! No copyright infringement intended. This video was uploaded to share the love of Adam Lambert with his fans. Join us at the ADAM LAMBERT FAN CLUB on Facebook, where we always share in REAL TIME the latest @adamlambert news, videos, & photos: For more Adam Lambert videos preserved on our Photobucket accounts, visit: (vintage) & (most recent). We've also preserved many radio interviews here: