~Age: Twenty four. ~Race: Succubi. ~Personality: Due to her race's nature, Mievrayl is a bit on the.. well, flirtatious side! But other than that, she's a pretty nice gal to hang around with. Mievrayl is a joker, and has an odd sense of humor at that: she tends to laugh at even the most horrible of jokes. Likes kittens and cupcakes. Bubbly and outgoing at times. ~Occupation: Manager of the 'Tunnel of Love'. ~Relationships: Nice towards everybody: Mievrayl just can't seem to make herself hate another! But how the person on the receiving end feels about her is totally up to them.. ~Other: Mievrayl has an inclination to scream or possibly hyperventilate when people say the word "Bananas". Most of the carnies seem to know this, too!