Bailey: He sits atop a large rock witch is placed next to the lake by nature. He has his knees folded up to his chest, his arms wrapped around them. He breathes in the crisp night air. Occasionally letting one arm loose, reaching over and stroaking his newborn dragon.. He then lays back, his knees still bent up, with his back against the rock. He puts his hands behind his head and smiles up at the stars. ~ Kiari: *sits in a tree, gazing out at the lake. She loses balance momentarily and falls out of the tree* ~ Bailey: *He hears the commoion from behind him. He streaches back abit to look over at the girl upsidedown. He smiles at her, his hands still behind his head. He calls over to her from his rock.* You alright there, m'lady? ~ Kiari: *blushes and fixes her dress, hoping he didn't see up her skirt* I am fine.... ~ Bailey: *He continues to look over at her. He closes his eyes and shakes his head.* ~ Kiari: *turns bright red* What are you laughing about? *lowers her head, embarrassed* ~ Bailey: *He withdrawls back to his normal laying position befor speaking. Looking up at the stars again. Not to her.* Oh, nothing.... ~ Kiari: *sits up, the landing leaving her a little sore* ~ Bailey: *He stands up on the rock and does a back flip off and onto the ground. Landing with grace. He then turns on his heels to face her. He walks tward her with his hands un his pockets, bangs in his face, and dragon by his side. He knees infront of her.* Ye alright? ~ Kiari: *just sits there her eyes wide* Th.... that was amasing! Where did yu learn to do that? ~ Bailey: *He smiles, looking at her through his bangs.* Well......... *He scratches the back of his neck, closing his eyes tightly as he does so. He then opens them again to look at her.* I kinda tought m'self.... ~ Kiari: *smiles at him, clearly impressed* ~ Bailey: *He offers her a hand up. Still smileing, blushing abit too. Just now realizing hoe beautiful she is, now that he is close enough to see her clearly.* ~ Kiari: Thank you. *blushes and takes his hand* ~ Bailey: *He grasps her hand firmly as she takes hisown, He smiles and stands up. Helping her to her feet.* No problem, m'lady. ~ Kiari: *giggles and looks at the ground for a moment* ~ Bailey: He bends over abit to look at her face, her having looked down. He smiles while he speaks.* What's so funny? ~ Kiari: Nothing.. *covers her face, trying to hide how red she is* ~ Bailey: *He colses his eyes and shakes his head abit, still smiling and grasping her hand. He stands up strait and looks out over the lake, shrugging to himself.* ~ Kiari: Umm *looks around for something to talk about, eager to break the silence* ~ Bailey: *He looks back over at her.* So what is someone as pretty as ye doing out here so late? *He gets a sheepish grin on his face.* ~ Kiari: *giggles and looks around some more* I do not see anyone beautiful here, except for you, that is.. ~ Bailey: *He looks at her. He then lifts her hand, wich is in his, and bends down abit, kissing it. He then stands back up and looks at her, the same sheepish grin still on his face.* I was talking about ye, but thank you. ~ Kiari:*giggles and blushes again* Such a charmer. ~ Bailey: *He chuckles abit to himself.* How can I not be a charmer to someone like ye'self? ~ Kiari: *giggles for the billionth time and glances at the dragon* What a cute dragon! What's his name? ~ Bailey: *He glances down at his dragon then back up to her.* His name is Reeuk. ~ Kiari: May I pet him? ~ Bailey: *Looks down at Reeuk as he squeeks and swishes his club-like tail around. Seeming to be quite happy.* Sure. He is very friendly. ~ Kiari: *she smiles and crouches down, extending her hand to the little dragon* ~ Reeuk: *He squeeks again and bounds to her hand and pushes agaist it for love, he closes his eyes and does the equivalent to a pur. He appears to e smiling.* // Bailey: *Puts his hand in his pockets and looks down at the two, smiling.* ~ Kiari: *giggles and picks up the dragon, petting him**smiles at Bailey* ~ Bailey: *He continues to look relaxed. His eyes never leaving the two of them. He smiles at her back.* // Reeuk: *He continues to squirm in her grasp, lovong the attention.* ~ Kiari: *her eyes lock on Bailey's unable to look away* ~ Bailey: *His eyes freeze as they lock with hers. His eyes portray a deep pasion and longing for her. He trys to hide it as she looks at him but is unable to.* ~ Kiari: *her cheeks turn bright red and she lifts the baby dragon a little higher, trying to hide her reddened face* ~ Bailey: *He continues to keep her gaze, seeing she is quite embarrased. He begins to blush himself. He looks down, kicking some pebbles on the ground. Promptly trying to let his bangs cover his redness.* ~ Kiari: *giggles* You're red..... ~ Bailey: *He tucks his chin in alittle more at her words, turning an even redder shade. He bites his lip and kicks the pebbles a little more quickly.* So were you..... ~ Kiari: I know... *keeps petting the baby dragon, trying to cover her cheeks* ~ Bailey: *He puts his hands behiond his back and side steps closer to her, trying not to be noticed by her as he moves. He hopes her foucus will be on the dragon.* ~ Kiari: You're just the cutest little thing! Yes you are! *scartches under the dragon's chin* ~ Reeuk: *Continues to love the attention.* // Bailey: *He finally gets next to her, to where thier shoulders are almost touching. He looks the opposite direction then quickly turns to her and kisses he on the cheek. Turning away once again in a flash.* ~ Kiari: Hmm? Did you.. *blushes* just kiss me? ~ Bailey: *He continues to look away, hands behind his back. He sways from side to side on his tip toes.* Hmmm....? Me? *He still dosnt look at her* Of course not..... ~ Kiari: *glances at Reeuk* What do you think? Did he just kiss me? ~ Bailey: *He sees that she has turned her attention to his dragon once more and turns quickly and kisses her again, turning back the same as befor. He goes back to his usual swawying and acting like he is not paying attention.* ~ Kiari: *giggles* Don't think I don't notice! *leans over and kisses him on the cheek* ~ Bailey: *He flushes a bright shade of red as she kisses him. He rubs the back of his neck in embarrasment.* Well..... Um.... I didn't think you did.... ~ Kiari: *pouts cutely* How could I not notice? *kisses him again* ~ Bailey: *He blushes even more then befor. Loving every moment of it though. He leans over, kisses her for a few moments on the cheek then withdrawls just abit to whisper in her ear.* I don't know..... ~ Kiari: *bites her lower lip, trying not to giggle, her cheeks turning red again* ~ Bailey: *He walks casually around her in a circle a few times, eyeing her. On about the second time around her, he stops behind her and walks up behind her and slips his hands around her waist from behind. He puts his head on her shoulder.* ~ Kiari: *turns her head slightly and looks into his eyes, her lips accidentally bumping his chin* ~ Bailey: *He continues to hold her closely to himself from behind. He smiles at her as she looks at him.* ~ Kiari: *blushes, unable to take her eyes off him* ~ Bailey: *He starts to sway a little from side to side, still holding her closly and unable to break the gaze with her. He smiles.* ~ Kiari: *giggles* What are you doing? ~ Bailey: *He shrugs abit.* Not quite sure, but I'm liking it..... How about y'self? ~ Kiari: Perhaps a little..... *looks him over, hoping he doesn't notice* ~ Bailey: *He smiles and kisses her on the cheek. Seeing her look at him but acting as though he didn't.* ~ Kiari: *giggles again* You're quite the flirt, aren't you? ~ Bailey: *He shrugs, looking up some.* I guess you could say that.... ~ Kiari: Of course you are! Look at you.. *puts one hand on his arm to prove her point* ~ Bailey: *He puts his chin back down on her sohulder and rubs his cheek against hers. Feeling her warmth on his arm.* Alright, You caught me.... *He gets a sheepish look on his face.* ~ Kiari: *giggles* You're making me blush *pets the dragon a little more, not knowing what else to do with her hands.* ~ Bailey: *He grins and kisses her cheek, going back to rubbing his cheek against hers.* Your cute when you blush. ~ Kiari: *giggles again, turning redder* But it's embarrassing.... ~ Bailey: *He looks around some.* It's only us here. It's cute.... turst me. ~ Kiari: I suppose. Should we sit down? ~ Bailey: *He bends down and puts an arm behind her knees and the other on her back and picks her up. Carrying her over to the rock. He sits down and places her atop his lap.* This ok? *He smiles down at her.* ~ Kiari: *smiles* Thank you, this is nice. *gets comfortable on his lap and kisses him on the cheek* ~ Bailey: *He smiles and closes his eyes as she kisses his cheek. He opens them half way to lok down at her again.* Good, I'm glad. ~ Kiari: *wiggles on the spot* You're comfy ~ Bailey: *He chuckles abit. He continues to hold her closly to his body.* That's good to know. ~ Kiari: *goes silent for a moment, captivated by his eyes again* ~ Bailey: *He looks down at her, his eyes half open. He leans in and kisses her on the lips for a few moments, very gently.* ~ Kiari: *pauses for a moment then kisses him back, wrapping her arms around him* ~ Bailey: *He continues to kiss her, smiling as he does so....* ~ Kiari: *giggles, her cheeks turning red again* ~ Bailey: *He stops kissing her for a moment, locking gazes with her once more.* I have somthing important to tell you. ~ Kiari: What is that? *She looks up at him with a content look on her face* ~ Bailey: For one thing, *He pauses* I think your beautiful. *He continues to smile down at her* And for another thing, I love you, Kiari. ~ Kiari: *her eyes widen in shock* Y... you love me? ~ Bailey: *He leans in and kisses her lovingly on the lips for a few moments then withdrawls to speak* Yes. ~ Kiari: *sighs happily and leans in when he pulls away, wanting to stay close to him* ~ Bailey: *He puts his arms around her and pulls her into his chest, kissing the op of her head, smiling* ~ Kiari: *clings to his shirt and leans her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes with a content sigh* ~ Bailey: *He runs a hand softly up her back for comfort.* You seem quite content. ~ Kiari: *smiles up at Bailey, her eyes shining* How can I not be content in the arms of a sweet handsome man like you? *brushes her fingertips gently over his cheek* ~ Bailey: *He tilts his head alittle at her words.* Well how can I not be holding someone as perfect and beautiful as yourself. ~ Kiari: *giggles* Please, I am far from perfect. *She sighs* ~ Bailey: *He puts a few fingers under her chin and tilts her head up to look at him* No, you are perfect. You are my perfect little angel. ~ Kiari: *giggles again, her cheeks flushed bright red by now* ~ Bailey: `Tis true. *He smiles down at her* ~ Kiari: *leans in closer, her lips brushing against his as she speaks* You're the perfect one! ~ Bailey: *He looksinto her smoldering eyes, withdrawing enough to get a full view of her, he runs his hands down her sides about an inch from her body. Tracing her outline and curves* Your the perfect one i must presume. You have all this.* Refering to herself* ~ Kiari: Stop, you're embarrassing me! *lowers her head, enjoying the attention* ~ Bailey: *He chuckles abit* How is it embarrassing? You know it's true. ~ Kiari: *smirks* You -are- a flirt, aren't you? ~ Bailey: *He puts his hands up* You caught me..... *He smirks at her* ~ Kiari: *giggles playfully* Thought so. ~ Bailey: *Leans down to whisper in her ear* Want me to let you in on a little insite of mine? ~ Kiari: What is that? ~ Bailey: *Smirks as he whispers* I'm only a flirt to you cause your the most beautiful thing around. ~ Kiari: *laughs to herself* But I'm the only one around, apart from your adorable little dragon ~ Bailey: I ment in the whole world. And Ryuk can only be adorable at times... He has his ugly side too! *he chuckles* ~ Kiari: That cute little thing? An ugly side? Not possible ~ Bailey: *Pets Ryuk a few times* He can be quite a handful when he gets upset. // Ryuk: *squeeks and puts on a happy face* ~ Kiari: *giggles and pets Ryuk**leans closer to Bailey* ~ Bailey: *Watches the two of them contently* Why don;t we go over to my house? It's getting late. ~ Kiari: I suppose it is. Do you live far from here? ~ Bailey: *Shrugs* A little ways off. I can get us there faster though. *He whistles and Ryuk jupms out of her arms and onto the ground, running off and turning into a huge flame dragon. He turns back and walks back over to them, laying down.* Here we are. ~ Kiari: *her eyes widen* How'd he do that? ~ Bailey: *He shrugs* I found out he could do it when I was calling my friend's wolf. *Ryuk rubs his massive head agiast her, seeming to have a smile on* ~ Kiari: *falls over, knocked down by Ryuk* ~ Ryuk: *Gets a sad look in his eye as he realizes he is no longer small. He leans down and licks her cheek. // Bailey: *Gets down at her side and smiles as he watches Ryuk's actions.* Well, He says he's sorry. And you deserve somthing from both of us. *He kissesher lovingly a few mometns* Ryuk gave you his already. So I thought I would give you mine. *He smiles down at her, from where he lay above her. His eyes half closed.* ~ Kiari: *blushes and kisses him back, brushing her fingertips gently against his cheek* ~ Bailey: *He reaches up with his hand and takes hers. Once the kiss is over he smiles, still holding her hand.* I love you, my sweet Kiari. ~ Kiari: *smiles contently, her eyes shining* I love you too! ~ Bailey: *He stands up, offering her a hand up. Smiling down at her.* Ready? ~ Kiari: Mhm. *nods and takes his hand, clumsily pulling herself to her feet* ~ Bailey: *Sweeps her off her feet once she is standing, spinning around a few times. Then kissing her lovingly befor setting her back down again.* ~ Kiari: *giggles as he spins her and loses balance when he puts her down then falls, landing on Ryuk's back* ~ Ryuk: *Looks back startled from his light slumber as she lands on him. He makes a sorta purring sound to her.* // Bailey: *Walks over to her, shaking his head with his hands in his pockets. He helps her onto his back, hopping up behind her and holding her closly, so she dosn't fall. He rests his head on her shoulder.* ~ Kiari: *she smiles and sighs, leaning back against Bailey affectionately, patting Ryuk's back at the same time so he didn't feel left out* ~ Bailey: *Slides his hands around her waist as she leans against his chest. He calls out a few words in elvish to Ryuk, then turning to look back at her smiling.* // Ryuk: *Nods then pushes off, getting some lift from his massive wings, he starts off tward Bailey's home.* ~ Kiari: Whoa! *her eyes widen as she watches the ground fall away beneath her feet and she clings to Bailey, getting dizzy from the heights* ~ Bailey: *He runs his fingers through her hair with one hand, holding her close with the other.* Shhhhh...... No need to worry. Just close your eyes and relax. ~ Kiari: Alright. *she squeezes her eyes tightly shut, not wanting to see how high they were* Let me know when it's over... ~ Bailey: *He leans back, laying flat against Ryuk's back as they fly, taking her back with him. Leaving her laying on his chest. He kisses her cheek.* `Tis alright. Nothing to be afraid of. ~ Kiari: *relaxes slightly, enjoying being so close to him**she entwines her fingers with his, trying to forget about her dizziness* ~ Bailey: *He smiles, his eyes closed. He holds her close to him by about her mid abdomen. He gentaly runs the other down her leg to caress her theigh lovingly.* ~ Kiari: *blushes and giggles**she reaches down to make sure her skirt didn't fly up* ~ Bailey: *He hears her giggling and nibbles on her ear lobe a tiny bit, being a flirt, he continues to caress her.* ~ Kiari: Having fun, are we? *giggles again* ~ Bailey: *He stills his hand on her leg, looking at her from over he shoulder.* How could I not be? ~ Kiari: My, you are a flirt, aren't you? ~ Bailey: *He giggles slightly, shaking his head* Alright, you caught me! ~ Kiari: *giggles* Thought so ~ Bailey: *Looks around* We're almost there, so could you sit up so I can too? Cause his landing isn't that smooth yet. We're working on it though. ~ Kiari: *nods* Alright. *sits up, holding tight onto Ryuk's neck* ~ Bailey: *He sits up behind her, resting his chin on her shoulder. He runs a hand down her arm lightly, smiling at her.* ~ Kiari: *she giggles, a slight shiver running up her back* ~ Bailey: *He feels her shiver and frowns, taking his arm off hers. He leans back, using his hands as support. He sighs, wishing he hadn't done anything to make her nervous* ~ Kiari: Why'd you stop? *She glances back at him with a confused look* ~ Bailey: *He glances at her out of the corner of his eye.* I felt you shiver, I don't want to make you nervous, you know. ~ Kiari: *blushes* You weren't making me nervous... I actually liked it *She says in a shy voice* ~ Bailey: *He smiles, sitting back up and as he does so, slides his hands around her waist. Scootching up closly behind her, looking at her over her shoulder* ~ Kiari: *she smiles back at him, thinking that if she were a cat she'd be purring* ~ Bailey: *he continues to smile, whispering in her ear softly* You still like it? ~ Kiari: *nods* Mhm ~ Bailey: *he smiles* Good, I only live to serve you and fulfill your duties. ~ Kiari: *laughs loudly* That's funny! I'm sorry, but it is! ~ Bailey: *he tilts his head to the side in confusment* How is that finny? It is true! ~ Kiari: But why? Don't you have yourself to take care of? And Ryuk of course? ~ Bailey: *He rolls his eyes* I was saying that to tell you that I am loyal to you, That I want you with me. ~ Kiari: Awww! You're so sweet! *leans back and kisses him on the cheek, her eyes sparkling* ~ Bailey: *he blushes* Your the sweet one. *He raises a finger, to make a point* And your the cute one too! ~ Kiari: ot even! Have you heard your voic? Your voice alone could melt an iceberg! ~ Bailey: *he flushes an even brighter shade of red* How is my voice cute? I don't like it. ~ Kiari: *brushes her fingertips gently over his cheek* Trust me! You have the cutest voice! And your accent..... *giggles* ~ Bailey: *He looks down.* Your the first one to think my accent is hot. Everyone else hates it. ~ Kiari: *frowns* What? But... How could anyone hate your accent? ~ Bailey: *he shrugs, looking back up at her and turning his head to kiss her finger tips.* They just do. ~ Kiari: *she bites her lower lip when his lips touch her skin, her cheeks turning red* ~ Bailey: *he turns his gaze back to her, smiling at her reddness.* ~ Kiari: *giggles* what? ~ Bailey: *He chuckles slightly, his eyes closed.* Your just too cute when you flushed. ~ Kiari: How can I not blush when you kiss my fingers like that? ~ Bailey: *he shakes his head* That's your call. *He leans around her, being behind her. He puts a hand on her cheek and kisses her. His eyes closing slowly as thier lips meet.* ~ Kiari: Mmm! *kisses him back, wrapping one arm around his neck* ~ Bailey: *He withdrawls, looking at her with his eyes half closed.* That was good, but I must stop for now cause we are here. *as he speaks, Ryuk starts to stop.* ~ Kiari: *pouts and turns to face forward again, clinging to Ryuk's neck so she doesn't fall off* ~ Bailey: *He smiles* We can continue when we land if you so desire too. ~ Kiari: Well I.... *giggles again, letting her hair fall over her face to hide her reddened face* ~ Bailey: *he brushes her bangs out of her face as Ryuk touches down.* No need to hide it. ~ Kiari: But it's embarrassing ~ Bailey: *He hops down, looking up at her and extending a hand to help her down.* It's your choice ~ Kiari: *she smiles down at him and takes his hand, sliding down clumsily* ~ Bailey: *he catches her hand, catching her in his arms. He looks down at her in his arms, smiling.* Shall we go inside? ~ Kiari: *nods* Mhm. *regains her balance, secretly glad she was so clumsy* ~ Bailey: *he looks up, walking in the front door, letting her in behind him, and shutting it behind him.* Here we are ~ Kiari: *looks around, impressed by the furniture* Where is Ryuk? ~ Ryuk: *Hops up onto the back of the chair. His weeight tipping it off balance and sending his tumbling to the floor* // Bailey: *laughs* There he is. ~ Kiari: *laughs loudly at Ryuk's clumsy yet adorable performance and scoops him up in her arms* Cute little dragon! *rubs her nose against Ryuk's* ~ Ryuk: *He purs loudly, opening his jaws to let out a silly squeek* mmmmmmaaaaaa! // Bailey: *watches the two with a smile on his face* ~ Kiari: *giggles* Did he just call me Ma? ~ Bailey: *He walks over to them, standing up behind her and watching Ryku over her shoulder.* Apperently he wants you to stay with us. He likes having a woman as pretty as you in the household. ~ Kiari: *smiles at Bailey* Is that really what he said? Or are you just inviting me to stay? *her eyes shimmered, happy to be there with him* ~ Bailey: Thats not really what he said, But I know he really likes you here. ~ Kiari: *sits down on the nearest chair, setting Ryuk on her lap like a puppy* I'm glad that he likes me. But do you want me to stay? ~ Bailey: *He puts one hand on his hip and shakes a finger at her* How dare you ask a question like that. I would beg you to stay ~ Kiari: *smiles widely at him and takes his hand in an attempt to pull him closer* Then if you wish it I will stay ~ Bailey: *he lets her take his hand. Walking closer as she pulls him. His smile now stretching ear to ear* I'm glad ~ Kiari: *looks around the room again* So where do you want me to sleep? ~ Bailey: *he closes his eyes half way. He bows and points down the hallway* Pick a room ~ Kiari: *glances down the hall and smiles* Which room do you sleep in? ~ Bailey: *he stands up grinning.* Which ever one you are in. ~ Kiari: *giggles and blushes for the billionth time* I guess we are both stuck then, aren't we? ~ Bailey: *he grins.* Pick witch one you like the best. ~ Kiari: *tilts her head to the side* But don't you already have a room? ~ Bailey: *He shrugs* Yes, But mine is not the best decorated..... Especially not to a beautiful woman's taste ~ Kiari: I'm sure it'll be fine. unless there's something in there you specifically don't want me to see? ~ Bailey: *he chuckles* It's just a real mess, and ugly. Thats all. You can see it if you want. ~ Kiari: *nods* I can deal with a mess. *smiles and stands up, setting Ryuk on the floor* ~ Bailey: *He smiles, turning on his heels to walk down the hallway. He does not turn to see if she is following or not. He then veers a left into a huge room. It acctually being soptless and very cute colors.* // Ryuk: *doddles along after them, his short and stubby legs making it funny looking for him to run.* ~ Kiari: *pauses for a moment* This doesn't look like the room you just described... ~ Bailey: *He shrugs* Just wanted to see if you would still want to see it. Please, feel free to explore. ~ Kiari: Hmm *glances around, taking in the sight of the room* I can hardly believe how clean it is! ~ Bailey: *he takes the edges of his shirt below his collar and rolls his shoulders forward, a smile on his face.* That's just how I am. ~ Kiari: This makes my old home look like a dump ... I am scared I'll mess the place up! ~ Bailey: *he walks over behind her and whispers in her ear.* Please, feel free to just relax. ~ Kiari: *reluctantly sits down on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor* ~ Bailey: *he smirks at her out of the corner of his eye as he walks into his closet. Once inside he takes off his sirt and puts it in with the other dirty laundry and puts a towel behind his neck, walking back out into the bedroom.* I'm going to take a shower . Feel free to make yourself at home. I'll be back in a little bit. *he starts off down the hall way* ~ Kiari: *nods* Alright. See you when you get out *smiles at him and pets his dragon* ~ Bailey: *he calls to her down the hall* If you want to come and join it's the second door on your right! Hope you come! *he shuts the door to the master bath but dosn't lock it.* ~ Kiari: *turns to the dragon* Join him?? In the shower?? ~ Bailey: *once he is in the bathroom he undresses, turin on the hot water and placing his towel on the rack. He steps in and lets out a sigh at the soothing feeling of the water.* ~ Kiari: *she can hear the water from down the hall* This house has hot water, right ? ~ Bailey: *he continues to hower, lathering up the soap his mother makes for him to use as shampoo. Feeling refreshed.* ~ Kiari: *bites her lower lip, wondering what a shower was like* What should I do? ~ Bailey: *after he rinses the shampoo from his hair he pauts his back to the black and white granite wall of the shower and slides down the wall. Letting the water run in his face, wishing for her to come join.* ~ Kiari: *pokes her head in the door* You almost done? ~ Bailey: *at her voice he raises his head quickly and hits it on the stone behind him.* Ouch.... *he then stands up, peering out the side of the curtain.* I am. ~ Kiari: Are you alright *looks worried* ~ Bailey: Am fine... Just stings a little...* he rubs the back of his head* *he then look up at her.* Have you ever had a shower? Atleast with hot water? ~ Kiari: *shakes her head* Most of my baths were cold, unless I boiled the water myself... ~ Bailey: *he smiled* You wont have to worry about that anymore.... I'll step out if you want to try one? You can adjust the temperature to how ever hot or cold you want. *he grabs his towel and wraps it around his waist an steps out. shaking his hair.* ~ Kiari: Are you sure you don't mind?? ~ Bailey: *shakes his head* You don't have to ask to do anything. It's your house too. Go ahead. *he raises an arm twards the shower* ~ Kiari: *smiles* Thank you. ~ Bailey: *he bows to her.* My pleasure, m'love. Would you mind if I sat in here with you? I'll sit on the sink. ~ Kiari: I don't mind.. could you just turn around for a second though? ~ Bailey: *he turns away from her, respecting her wishes and personal space* Tell me when I can turn around. ~ Kiari: *quickly steps into the shower so she didn't have to say anything, even if it only bought her a few seconds* ~ Bailey: *he continues to look at the wall away from her* Can I turn around now? ~ Kiari: *pulls the curtain* Now you can. ~ Bailey: *he lets out his held breath and then hops over to sit atop a small ledge on the other end of the room, his mind racing with thoughts* ~ Kiari: You alright? ~ Bailey: *he dose not hear her words, to focused on his thoughts* ~ Kiari: *sticks her head out of the shower, her hair dripping* Hello? ~ Bailey: *he raises his head, loosing his train of thought.* Huh? *he looks at her and once he sees her his body froze, unable to move.* ~ Kiari: *pulls the curtain close* You alright? ~ Bailey: *his head snaps back to the floor as she shuts the curtain, his eyes never leaving the granite.* Fine... *his voice is faded out by the running water of the shower* ~ Kiari: *turns bright red* ~ Bailey: *continues to stare at the floor* ~ Kiari: *continues to scrub her hair, completely silent* ~ Bailey: *his mind starts to wander around in the emptieness of the world.* ~ Kiari: *tries to break the awkward silence* So... ~ Bailey: *he pushes himself off the little ledge to his feet,not taking his glance from the floor for a second* I'll be in my room. *he walks twards the door and opens and shuts it, but with out going. He wondered if she would talk to herself about him, curious about what she may say.* ~ Kiari: *sighs in frustration* Way to go Kiari! Way to freak him out! He is probably so repulsed by me! ~ Bailey: *he stands at the door, unmoving with his hand on the knob. Seeing if she will say more.* ~ Kiari: Why did I do that? It is none of my business what he is thinking anyway *sits down on the floor, letting the water hit her head and drip in her face* ~ Bailey: *He shows no emotion on the out side but on the inside it is killing him to listen to her saddness* ~ Kiari: *sighs again and turns off the water* ~ Bailey: *he is stuck between leaving and staying, his body telling him to stay but his mind telling him to go. He is frozen* ~ Kiari: *sticks her hand out fromn behind the curtain, trying to find the towels before she gets out of the shower* ~ Bailey: *he opens the door* Sorry, I just forgot my dragon's toy. *he acts like he is walking then closes the door behind him, walking down the hall with his hands in his pockets and head hung low.* ~ Kiari: *blinks* ... ~ Bailey: *walks into his bedroom and lays on the bed, burrying his face into a pillow and begining to cry a bit.* ~