Long hair can look great when the finished product is a great updo or style. Unfortunately, long hair can also require a lot of maintenance to keep it in good condition. The possibilities on how to wear your healthy long hair can be endless. Thankfully, there are options that create easy updos for long hair. The bun and the French Twist are two hairstyles that come to mind when you are in a “classic” mood. These two styles are also very popular wedding updos for long hair. Trendy, more avant-garde hair updos for long hair can be accomplished in the same way with the Whirl-a-Style hair accessories. A high, tight ponytail can create a sleek city look to any wardrobe. If you are feeling carefree, wearing your hair long and down can improve upon your look with the addition of a white blouse. Be sure to straighten your long hair or gel it up to get that curly, fun look. Face shape is very important when it comes to deciding if long hair is for you. Long hair looks great on round or oval faces as it pulls the viewer’s eyes down, making your face appear longer. If you have a very wide face, wear your hair long and straight. Adding too much volume to your long hair on either side of your face will make your face appear even wider. Shorter styles work best on those with longer faces. To see which hair updos for long hair look best on your face, check out Zaina Wizard. You simply tell her your face shape and hair length, and she suggests styles just for you. You can also put in what event you are thinking of attending to sharpen your search results. If you are a bride and wish to see all the best wedding updos for long hair, Zaina will give you the choice to select "wedding" so you can see wedding styles for your features. You can find Zaina Wizard at WhirlaStyle.com.