It's All About Medium-Length Hairstyles! - Medium-Length Hair Styles are the most sought-for hairstyles around because most women have, well... medium-length hair. Medium Length Hair Styles for Women -A few medium length hair styles for women that are presently popular are the ponytail, the bun, and simply leaving the hair down long. These are all very easy hair styles to make. If you want to go for a classier look, try the French Twist. The French Twist can be achieve by securing your hair in place or using the Whirl-a-Style hairstyling tool. Pinning your hair up to create a French Twist is time consuming and may take over an hour to create. With the Whirl-a-Style, the style can be finished in a a few minutes without the weight of 40 bobby pins. Two bobby pins will hold the style in place for you along with the Whirl-a-Style hair styling tool. This classic style and wearing the hair up in a traditional bun are great medium length hair styles for women over 40, too. Breakage is often a problem with medium length hair for black women or women with fine hair. Stay away from high, tight ponytails. Either of these styles leaves your hair prone to breaking and pulling on your scalp which often results in low-grade headaches. Low, loose ponytails are much better. Half-up and half-down also look good. If you have a round face, the half-up half-down hairstyle bound loosely back is one of many wonderful medium length hair styles for round faces. The Whirl-a-Style is pain free and will not damage your hair. If you were born with thick hair, you can count your blessings. Thick hair takes more time to work with, but the number of hairstyles you can do with it are plentiful. Thick hair tends to hold hair accessories significantly better than thin hair. Medium length hair styles for thick hair are anything from the ponytail to the French Twist. Thick hair also looks great in braids, plaits and buns. You can really do anything with thick hair if you have the patience to care for it.