Set was one of the three sons of Nut and Geb. He was the last born, and tore violently out of his mother's womb. He is depicted with pale skin, red hair, and the head of an unidentified animal. His wife was his sister, Nephthys. He always hated Osiris and was extremely jealous of him. The reasons could possibly be because of Nephthys's adultery, because Osiris was the king of Egypt and he wasn't, or because Set wanted Isis but ended up with Nephthys instead. Set measured Osiris's body proportions and had a box carved, then threw a feast. During this gathering, he stated that whoever fit in the box would get to keep it. Everyone tried but no one fit. When Osiris finally got into the box, Set and his followers slammed the lid, nailed it shut, and threw the box in the Nile River. Isis was upset and began searching. Set found out that she had found the box and tore his body into 14 pieces and buried them throughout Egypt, but threw his phallus into the Nile, where it was eaten by a catfish. Set was believed to be associated with the desert, and was therefore considered infertile. Some texts say otherwise, stating that he may have fathered Sobek and Wepwawet. They also said he had several concubines. Notable ones being Neith, Taweret, Anat, and Astarte. Until the Hyksos began to favor Set, he was the patron god of Upper Egypt, also known as the Red Land. It was called this because of its scorching deserts.