Strange but True... My Rx4 Coupe has a better chance of housing the "newish" 5.0 litre 32 Valve 6 speed Coyote engine & box into it , with it's 39inch tower to tower measurement than my XB coupe has , the Rx4 after having all kinds of Rotary Motivation in its Engine bay for club car racing over the years was slated to get a boosted 302 Windsor V8 fit under the hood to finish off the extensive body mods & paint I had laid onto it....maybe it will get the powerlant it needs. At this stage of my life removing Ferris's Cleveland power plant is not an option I would not care to undertake even if I had a $20 Million win from Powerball or Oz lotto. The Hardcore Lunatic Fringe Extremist Ford Owners (Lovers ???) seem to think they own my car & it's modification rights. The last time I mentioned in public that "If I had the money I'd gladly toss this Cleveland and replace it with a 427 Aluminium Chevy Small Block with a 6/71 Blower" I had someone coming up mumbling something about "I going to kill you for saying that" He swung at me , I swayed to miss the roundhose punch he threw & hooked his legs out from underneath him , a boot stomp to his belly knocked the wind out of him , before this would be killer he knew it , I had one of his feet lifted & twisted as I began to drag him around the carpark on his back & front until his jacket & T shirt were torn off & he had gravel rash all over his upper torso arms , face & head.I left him crying & saying sorry in a dark corner of the carpark. It goes to show you you really need to watch what you say in public & _genuinely_ fearing for your life is a valid legal reason to use excessive force on someone who has threatened to kill you.Always make sure you have taken a few good hits & a cut or 2 somewhere superficial before you knock someone , it makes manslaughter an easy charge to walk away with.