How Do I Choose A Therapist To Work With My Child? HART, 5348 S. Holland, Springfield, MO 65810, 417.890.0918, 417.860.7640 There are many decisions to make regarding a therapist and the kind of program your child needs. If you are choosing an ABA program, (applied behavior analysis) you can choose an in home program or center based program. Unfortunately most public schools do not offer an intense ABA program and 20-30 hours a week is strongly recommended for maximum results. In home programs sound nice, but you will need to set up a special room and may have many therapists in and out of your house every day which can become overwhelming. If you choose a center program, you will take your child to the center or clinic and leave them just like you would a public school. When choosing an ABA therapist it is most important to confirm the therapist is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA or BCaBA). Some states even require a license to practice. Also, check with your states insurance department to see if your state has mandated insurance coverage for autism services. Then you will need to check with your individual insurance plan. Lastly, check with parents who have worked with the BCBA or BCaBA. Ask about dependability, data collection, and how they handled behaviors. A good therapist will use positive behavior support NOT punishment or anything punitive. Ask if the child liked the therapist. A good therapist will develop rapport with a child and work well with them.