Jack Gary's back and for this week he'll talk about the luxury waterproof erotic sex toys and games that changed his sex life... For him, there is nothing more exciting, fun, and dangerous. In the bedroom, a remote control vibrator can give a guy the unique opportunity of being in the driver’s seat when it comes to lubricating her tight little pussy. There are many types of sex toys, so find a toy that fits exactly into your lifestyle – even if playing with sex toys is a first time thing for you. So, Jack Gary will share his erotic experience with these sexy and fun sex toys! Take your partner on a hot date and drive her wild as you tease her for hours on end with this Remote Control Venus Butterfly! This is an upgrade from a previous model where the remote was still attached to the vibrator, but this time not only is it wireless, but it is waterproof too. This thing is great for the bath, a little solo relaxation time, foreplay fun, or even while you are out on a date. The Venus Butterfly fits on just like a garter belt and its smooth jelly material and little butterfly wings are perfectly molded to stimulate all of your erogenous zones – from your clitoris, labia and, yes, even your g-spot. The butterfly vibrator tickles and teases like nothing else! The antennae dance all over her clit, while the wings flutter over her pussy lips. And you can even have it wear this discreet vibrator under her clothes for fun in public. With the wireless remote, you can surprise her for hours on end with playful vibrations when she's less expecting it – like when she's talking with the waiter or in the middle of a movie. Or just let her wear it around the house for a shocking buzz in the middle of your favorite TV show!