In 2000 I entered music video called Send Me To Amsterdam in a High Times contest. I won big time. Not only did I win the contest and a trip to Amsterdam to be locked on a houseboat to smoke 19 strains of cannabis and be filmed for the first ever High Times alternative reality show, my life changed forever. I'd always been a musician but this is when I turned my art to marijuana. I have been part of the crew at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam hosting parts of the event and helping however needed ever since 2000. The last several years I've been the host of the Wake and Bake Amsterdam Show each morning at the Cannabis Cup Expo. You can see me in the High Times films The Cannabis Cup and The Cannabis Cup 20th Anniversary, both are now on DVD. (go to the High Times Headshop) I've had the honor of being on the cover of High Times Magazine April 2001 and I've recently received 2 American Marijuana Music Awards and a Global Marijuana Music Award. Since 2001 I've recorded over 100 tracks about pot, but not only pot. If you read between the lines you'll see my music is really about peace, love, sharing, cooperation, community. These are all values of the 60's counter culture movement. I always though I should have had been around back then in the day of Haight Ashbury. Now I see why I wasn't born back then. It's because my time is now! The same energy from the 60's is needed again now - in my time, right now! Peace, Love Light. Love and respect others and yourself. It's pretty simple. These are my CDs - Stoner Love Songs Marijuana Christmas Pot Party Coffee Shop Puff On A Big Fat J Supersonic Chronic Celebrifuck My music is on iTunes and all music download sites world wide. You'll even find my marijuana music on line at CDBaby Best and other fine retailers world wide. This summer you can redeem your Pepsi Points to get free Jet Baker music at Amazon. Here is a list of recorded Jet Baker songs - click the song title to hear the song - Who Got The Marijuana Munchies Hit The Bong Long Stonerville R U High? Fire That Bad Boy Up I Lost My Lighter U Want Me 2 Roll? Gooey Rave N Rant Marijuana Christmas Nuggets Smoke Me Like A Doobie You Gave Me Schwag Puff On A Big Fat J Supersonic Chronic Gonna Wanna Marijuana Party Tonight! Dream Big Pass It To The Left You Don't Smoke Pot This Girl Is Watermelon 60 Second Radio Spot Wake N Bake Sex Pot Hydro Hanukah Put The Pipe Down Hit That Thang Puff On A Big Fat J (Spanglish Mix) 30 Second Radio Spot Pot Party I Wanna Tour With The KMK Everybody High? Bliss Bunny Bong Bash Pass the Joint Love (KB in the UK) Coffee Shop Crawl Santa's Got The Munchies Pass The Blunt Papi Bong Bong Bong Can You Name The Stoner Reindeer? I Like It Ik Houd Van Amsterdam Ganja Girl Celebrifuck Ever Been To Amsterdam? Who's Filling Your Bong Hole Now? Dude The Stoner Snowman The Rooms A Little Hazy Strippers Smoke Frosty Weed Are You A Pot Head? On A Holiday Giggles Wiggles and Weed Diggity Dank WTF Is This Shiz? My Space Weed Page Blog Baby Grinds The Nuggets Puff You Show Your P***y If You Are Easily Offended… Hanf Liebe Santa Maria On The News Tonight Santa's Bag Hydro Hoochie Stoner Love Songs Holiday Rush Every Night At The Melkveg Rainbows and Unicorns Vaporize Gone Wild Chicks Cell Phone Camera It Started With A Seed Roll It Up Bon Bons Avec Le Cannabis Dangerous Group Britney For President Yuppie Rasta Weed In My Stocking Christmas Buds Samba Tako Puff For Peace Ojos Rojos Skunk On The Dance Floor Tabloid Star Love. Watch Jet Baker Videos on YouTube. Cannabis is here to stay. Frickin decriminalize it already! Marijuana is medicine. Support NORML. They're doing the hard work needed to make change in marijuana laws. Please help them at . The official Jet Baker web site is .