wooden jesus wooden jesus option option option jesus there is three of them in heaven one is the father god one is the son of god one is the spirit they call him the holy ghost when they call him jesus eye am too poor to be of any use to god so eye keep mucking about just for eye think it would be a better christian is not rich non no they do not make it with the riches into the eye of my needle is tight on me but eye do not solicit funding from large groups of people for television and radio you will only see this massive missive on the facebook and the google doc and a few emails to some friends who want to read me iff prejudiced eye be it is perhaps the televangelist who mars my disposition asking and receiving large sums of money for deceiving people into thinking he is preaching SHOW ME THE MONEY where is the plate luncheons for the poor why is the radio announcers taking home the brown paper bags where is the food to feed the starving Negroes in the bushes of the third world countries as the televangelist gets out his rich imported cigars his bottle of whiskey and his steaks. eye am wooden jesus eye wish to feel eye stand on this deck and try to feel the wind is at my back eye am the wooden jesus on the deck putt your hand on the radio are you feeling any heat then you better find a better plugg you creap into the cheap seats at all the better stadiums to watch youre worthless sports eye divorce myself from youre ideas of god eye stumble in the daytime sober and serene clomp clomp clomp in jesus wooden shoes the feet across the wooden deck the deck of jesus in the sky is thick with flying things they fly past this wooden jesus head ants with wings the termites under the planks the ship is doomed out out out the candle of the bard is made of incest let my people dive off the bow sprint to the dna helix to survive the wooden jesus is coming in the twinkling of eye