12/29/11 Researchers & Scientists may be coming to Lake County CA 2012! NASA? Universities? We shall see! It's about time the brilliance of these Indians here decended 1000s of years get the respect they long deserve. 12/16/11 This is closeup of a Museum Pic. I will replace this with better photo soon. Pomo Baby Rock aka Pomo Conception Rock is said to be in Bachelor Valley NNW of Mt. Konocti. Some of the scratch marks are said to be baby or conception marks but the rest of the symbols are said to be undetermined what they represent. After seeing much researched info on other petroglyphs from Calif to New Mexico, I wonder if the two large shine-like petroglyphs are 1054 Supernova (upper left) & 1066 Halleys Comet (middle). They are in the same relative positions as other rock art and other civilizations placements. In my opinion, the 1 with the small hole and lines radiating from it could also double for solstice & equinox solar markings as well as Mt. Konocti/Clearlake with the position of Milky Way. The longest bending & wavy line seems to match the position of Milky Way over Mt. Konocti & Clearlake. The 1054 Supernova now Crab Nebula is roughly in that corrosponding position to Milky Way now. The Pomo & other Indians were skywatchers. It's how they survived 1000s of years. I live here and see the sun move just like those positions of the smaller hole & radiated lines. The smaller v shape looks like winter sunrise & track & sunset. The other lines could mark Spring Equinox or important solartime to that Equinox & subsequent Summer Solstice, Fall. Indians, like other cultures needed to know when times of year were coming to plant, to harvest, to hunt...etc. 12/20/11 From a novice but educated perspective, the random looking lines may be the annual meteor showers Perseid & Leonid that is very visible here in Lake County CA today. The Perseid Meteor showers of summer months have been observed for millennias. Leonid Meteor showers are in the Fall.