8/18/11 Scroll down for #newflag comment. (8/16/11) This is who Silver Legacy bans from it's Casino/Hotel right after tickets cleared for their Golden Boys show. This picture was taken just before going to Silver Legacy Pool 8/13/11. I am not wearing any make-up, never had cosmetic surgery. I'm a former San Francisco city girl, who spent 1/2 her youth being raised by a Cherokee in Napa wine country. My Indian relations and I all live in wine country Lake County, CA. What you see in this picture is all real me as I work hard, eat right, no drugs nor alcohol and it shows. I had an Americana ensemble of the bikini, flip-flops and towel. We stayed at the pool for over an hour after signing in as guests. Why Silver Legacy bans me after all these months later and 2 days of being there....is really a shame for them. Nobody wants bad publicity but they got it anyway. Reno's image is tarnished by what they did. I hope that they apologize after we spent time & cash there and I was online twittering away about all the fun we were WERE having right up until 8/13/11 apx 8PM. 8/18/11 In understanding my upbringing and now knowing the Zodiac cipher symbols are mostly Indian, I want to see a new flag: Internationally recognized as Native American Thunderbird woven into the fabric, so, when Old Glory waves, the Thunderbird flies and only then will I be certain USA flag represents all who lives here, loves here, plays here, works here and fights for country here. 9/12/11 Going to Alcatraz to give thanks to those who helped Indian kids & pals. Are you?