8/15/11 Hot August Nights & Golden Boys show started off great until fiasco at Silver Legacy confiscated cleared at the door tickets and telling me I am banned from Casino/Hotel, to leave in 15 seconds or I will be arrested. Well, if there was a problem with me & my party being there, then why not cancel Ticketmaster tickets & MGM Mirage property Circus Circus (connects to Silver Legacy & same owner) shortly after buying them months ago? Or better yet, why not upon arrival or even when checking into the pool there for over an hour? Or when we were all gambling and I won there Friday night? Or how about eating at their Geckos restaraunt after waiting in line 1/2 hour? Or shopping at the venues there? See http://www.707Catseye.net/id24.html Absolutely will never go to Reno, again. This is 2nd time horror happens over Golden Boys Hot August Nights. I am still waiting for my promised refund of the show tickets and an APOLOGY for happened to all of us, including a disabled family member. 8/20/11 After a day on twitter, 8/14/11 Golden Boys refunds money not Silver Legacy or Ticketmaster. I wonder if it has to do with that Cowboy Hat picture as basic same circumstances of Reno, Golden Boys & Fabian happened in 1984 when the group was assembled and to start touring? I get pic returned & $ to join Friends of Fabian. I recall a billboard about them in Reno way back then. SOooooo.... "Save A Horse Ride A Cowgirl: My Fabian Fan Page"...re-done is at http://www.707Catseye.net (9/21/11 pg closed)