A harsh land of eternal winter is where Runa was born. Runa's mother and father died when she was very young so she was shoved into an orphanage. That orphanage was the worst thing to ever happen to her the evil woman that ran the establishment was cold brutal and abusive. That all changed the day she walked into the old womans room and witnessed the woman being killed by a cloaked man. the man looked at her assuming to hear a scream but all he got was a hug as runa told the man thank you. a day after she began to think about the possabilities that maybe she could be like the man able to punish those who deserved it. she began talking about it. it wasn't even a day after that she had first mentioned it that the man had returned dressed in royal clothes asking to adopt her. the man knew the girl had a darkness in her and it couldn't be killed but it might be possible if he directed it. He took Runa in and taught her how to fight how to tell who is good who is bad and how to not get caught. Runa excelled in all aspects of his training and she grew into a deadly and beautiful woman.