Gage Drawing with a refrence of hinata :D bwuahah i like how it came out but i dont really like the burn marks x.x idk how to do those when he recently got acid in his face. BUT Long story Short; Ed finally accepts Gage in the Buzoku No Ryu gang, and he glotes and shows it off a bit tooooo much. In the real world, showing off your colors or gang signs on the streets, are enough to get you killed. but i make it less serious and its just acid to fuck up his pretty little face *O* !! BUTTTTTT before I made this "attack" on Gage xD , i created a movie called "Looks Can Kill" Its supposed to be a horror film (with real people... uh doi) and theres this gorgeous boy (like gage but cuters :D) and hes the most popular kid eva, and he gets acid thrown at his face, and it messes up his face and life. He gets revenge on random teenagers like them slasher films; aka Freddy Kruegar and Jason Voorhees. As then when i wanted to see how to draw the skin burned away by acid, i found a Model named Katie Piper. She was so beautiful (she still is) she got acid thrown to her face but a jealous bitch ... a boy bitch. its such a sad story :c Just type in her name on Google you'll find her