Tarou and Sachi are drawings, I liked the original sasuke so I didn't change much but the mouth ^o^ bahaha I like how Sachi looks :) teehee and Tarou...... he's ok:) he likes to be as niqua says, "in the nude" xD haha u likes to be in teeh buuuff xD omg enough. lol he likes to be naked. done. why? HE'S A FREE MOTHER FUCKER! and he belives his body is mofo sexy xD and so there you go Shelby! Saori shall be satisfied;D Sachi is ok with this because she is Tarous sister i guess xD... if my brother does that I would freak out and throw shit at him ! I think I'm just gonna make these 3 a team...? because these are my 3 mains! a boy, anoter boy and a girl! perfect!:) and I'll probably used my old sensei I had before. :P it all works out!