.< STUPID SHOE!DX"she throws it and she breaks the fan in the room o.O XD This photo was uploaded by KataraSasanoi" /> Me And My Cousin Hanabi XD Photo by KataraSasanoi | Photobucket
yes I thought this pic matched us XD she freaks out on roller coasters XD i remember when i took her to ride excelerator at knott's berryfarm XD she cried before we even took off -3- XD and fernando was like"omg omg omg omg O.O"then he just started screaming profanity at the top of lungs o.O XD it was so funny i was laughing the whole time XD i love Hanabi X3 she's my fav cousin XD she's like a mini me XD but 1 year younger XD she also watches all the anime i watch XD like Naruto Bleach Code Geass Hetalia Elfen Lied and more XD and today we had so much annoying her brother fernando XD first we were poking him XD then throwing cake at him XD then kept sining Omg XD then playing vegetable juice non stop XD then we decided to annoy him with the Pasta song(it's a hetalia vid thing i found XD)and then we were singing it XD and he was getting so annoyed XD and then randomly when we saw a person walking by(cause the adults kicked all the kids under 18 outside -3-)we would say"VODKKKKKAAAAAA"from the song XD and people were like"?o.O"XD and my mom and aunt wonder how in the world did they get random children like us XD omg i forgot to put this in here earlier XD also we like feranado and my other cousin arturo scared of us XD cause earlier i was showing this hetalia vid called"Prussia saya no good"XD it's in my fav in my yt account XD anyway in the video it says when someone that touches u and makes u feel uncomfortable say"no"then laugh evily XD then go"niyo niyo niyo"XD then go"ne nanananana"XD then go"why u son of a-*push them*"XD then u get out of there and then u die XD so we did that when arturo and fernando hugged us(cause they will just pop outta nowhere o.O and just like hug u and they like squeeze u to death -3-)so we both did that XD and they were like"wtf?o.O"XD and then for the die part we just randomly fell on the ground XD and hanabi being the brightest crayon in the marker box XD hits her head on shoe XD and she was like"OW!>.< STUPID SHOE!DX"she throws it and she breaks the fan in the room o.O XD